We have already helped thousands who answered "yes" to one of these questions.

A number of signals alert us to gradual hearing loss. Take this simple self-test:

  • Do you frequently ask for people to repeat?
  • Do you get less enjoyment out of social activities because you cannot understand what is being said?
  • Do you find yourself frequently confusing words?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing the TV set - or do others complain that the set is too loud?
  • Do people often complain that you are not listening to them?
  • Do you hear men's voices better than women's?
  • Do you hear sound, but have trouble understanding what people say?
  • Is it difficult for you to understand conversation in a background of noise?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing children or grandchildren?
  • Does you child respond inconsistently to sound?
  • Has your child had repeated bouts of ear infection?